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joe schwarcz

Trottier Symposium: Is That a Fact?


Information is the key to life. We want to know what to eat, how to protect our environment, what risks to avoid and what to do if illness strikes. But when it comes to acquiring information, it is...

Graduate research symposium draws high-profile keynote speakers

Published: 20Jun2013

Edmonton—Graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering will have the opportunity to get the inside track on communicating with non-technical audiences and tech commercialization during the...

Eastern Townships Canadian Club


Dr. Joe Schwarcz will present "Alternative Medicine - Hope or Hype?"   Hôtel Le Président, 3535 King West, Sherbrooke, J1L 1P8, CA/ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences

FitzGerald Seminar Series


Pseudoscience in Medicine Presenter: Dr.Faculty Club, University of Toronto, 41 Willcocks Street, Toronto, ON, CA/ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences

Science Demystified with Dr. Joe Schwarcz


Detox! Côte Saint-Luc Library, 5851 Boulevard Cavendish, CA/ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences

USA Today: Dr. Joe Schwarcz comments on "toxic" chemicals

Published: 10Apr2013

How safe is your shampoo, sofa or shirt? Campaign will soon launch efforts to get ten major U.S. retailers to phase out potentially "toxic" products. Dr. Joe Schwarcz comments on when "toxic"...

Dr. Joe Schwarcz: "Chemical Confusion"


Mount Bruno United Church, 25 Lakeview, St Bruno., CA/ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences

Literacy Unlimited


Dr. Joe Schwarcz will be presenting  a talk on "Scientific Illiteracy"12001 de Salaberry DDO, CA/ossCategory: Public lectures and conferences

Dr. Joe Schwarcz: Have You Ever Wondered About...


Why for years and years there were no red M&M's or how do they get that maraschino cherry to float in the syrup inside a Cherry Blossom?  What is the link between the bombardier beetle at the V...


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