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Giving “Worried Sick” a Whole New Meaning

9 Apr 2021

Catherine Wang is a biomedical science student at McGill University, specializing in anatomy and cell biology....

Good Bacteria to Prevent the Flu? Interpreting the Data Is Messy

24 May 2018

“We have a ton of studies that have shown that eating [Danone’s DanActive yogurt with L. casei probiotics] at a dose of about two containers per day can actually decrease your incidence and...

Should we be Anti all Anti-Microbial Products?

8 Feb 2018

We received a question about antibacterial soaps, namely why should or shouldn’t we be using them? And if we’re supposed to avoid antibacterial soap, why is Purell, an antimicrobial agent, allowed?

H3N2 Influenza: Why Is It Called H3N2?

10 Jan 2018

It may seem as if flu viruses get chosen based on a sluggish and never-ending game of bingo....

The Categorization of Pathogens

24 May 2017

Some pathogens are much more dangerous to handle than others, which has led to their classification for laboratory purposes into categories. Category 4, the most dangerous, contains those...

Strange Treatments

20 Mar 2017

Today we have a pretty good grasp of what causes illness. We know about infections, carcinogens, pollution, genetics, anatomical abnormalities and the consequences of a poor diet. We also have...

Time for the Flu Shot!

20 Mar 2017

Influenza is a nasty illness. It isn’t just a bad cold. This viral infection kills up to half a million people in the world every year. And that’s in a good year. In a bad year, like 1968, the Hong...

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