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How can melatonin, a hormone, be sold without a prescription?

19 Apr 2018

Melatonin is indeed a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in the brain, mostly during the night with its secretion being impaired by exposure to bright light. It has appropriately been...

A Silent Spring

25 Sep 2017

Mention “Silent Spring” and thoughts immediately turn to Rachel Carson’s epic in which she alerted readers to the risks of pesticides. But long before, way back in the 1940s, Australian sheep...

When Protein is not Protein

20 Mar 2017

You need protein to build muscle. We have all heard that, probably as early as elementary school. And it is true. Muscle is mostly made of protein and its source is protein in the diet. But the...

Castrated Goats Lose their Smelliness

20 Mar 2017

Think of a ghastly smell. Skunk? Halitosis? BO? Outhouse? Rotting fish? Rancid butter? Dog flatus? Decomposing flesh? All devastating. But let’s not forget the penetrating fragrance of a billy goat...

A New Role for Oxytocin?

20 Mar 2017

Could oxytocin, a natural hormone, help patients suffering from anxiety and other related personality dysfunctions? Maybe. At least that is what a group of researchers from the University of...

Is HGH (Human Growth Hormone) an Anti-Aging Miracle?

20 Mar 2017

It sounds like the fountain of youth. It builds muscle and takes off extra pounds. And that's just the beginning. How about increased energy level, fewer wrinkles and more hair? These are just some...

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