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Prince Charles Condemns Climate Change Deniers while Hawking Homeopathics

20 Mar 2017

Prince Charles has properly derided global warming deniers, calling them a "headless chicken brigade." He went onto say that it was "baffling that in our modern world we have such blind trust in...

Canada Bans Citronella Based Bug Repellants

20 Mar 2017

Health Canada is set to ban topical mosquito repellants that contain oil of citronella. The oil contains methyleugenol, a compound that has caused liver tumours in rats fed in large doses, but this...

Naturally Trained, Medical Pains

20 Mar 2017

The Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors has produced several television ads featuring Naturopathic doctors sporting white lab coats and stethoscopes highlighting their apparent medical...

How can a pharmacist believe the unbelievable?

20 Mar 2017

How can anyone trained as a pharmacist, with courses in chemistry, biology, and physiology believe that ghostly impressions of molecules imprinted onto sugar can cure disease? Michelle Boisvert, a...

Joint Ease Plus

20 Mar 2017

Osteoarthritis is a condition that afflicts large segments of the aging population. There is no cure, but some medications can help control the pain and help improve joint flexibility. The most...

The Curious “Science” of Oscillococcinum

20 Mar 2017

Take the carcass of a duck and place 35 grams of its liver and 15 grams of its heart in a one liter bottle filled with a solution of pancreatic juice and glucose. When after forty days the liver...

The Food and Drug Administration Issues Warning About Zicam Nasal Gel and Nasal Swabs

20 Mar 2017

In June the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about some Zicam products based on having received over 130 reports of a decreased sense of smell, often after single use of one of...