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heart disease

A Diet to Lower Cholesterol

20 Mar 2017

Ask someone what is the best way to reduce the risk of heart disease and chances are they’ll say “reduce your cholesterol.” That message has been ingrained in our psyche. So it isn’t surprising...

Aspirin and Heart Disease

20 Mar 2017

A time-honoured medical maxim states, “primum non nocere.” That’s the way, “first do no harm” used to be taught in medical school when Latin was still part of the curriculum. Basically it means...

Omega-3 Benefits

20 Mar 2017

Just slap “contains omega-3 fats” on a food label and sales boom. That’s because, thanks to the popular press, people have heard all about the benefits of these “nutritional superstars,” found in...

Can nuts reduce your risks of heart disease?

20 Mar 2017

One third of North Americans may have high blood cholesterol levels. This of course puts them at an increased risk for heart disease, the number one killer in North America. But cholesterol can be...

Can walnuts reduce the risk of heart disease?

20 Mar 2017

Want to reduce your risk of heart disease? The California Walnut Commission makes it simple. Eat Walnuts. And the U.S. Food and Drug Administration agrees. Sort of. The following claim is allowed...

Does Policosanol Reduce Cholesterol?

20 Mar 2017

When you think of sugar, you don’t think of lowering cholesterol. But Cuban researchers do. In fact they think that a byproduct of the sugar industry, policosanol, is an effective alternative to...

The JUPITER Statin Trial

20 Mar 2017

Usually the words “breakthrough” and “blockbuster: are reserved for tabloid headlines. But not always. Dr. Steven Nissen of the famous Cleveland Clinic used then to describe a study published in...


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