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Goat Poop in Your Hair?

7 Aug 2017

Unless you’re familiar with Moroccan traditions, or are in the habit of frequenting trendy hair salons, chances are that argan oil has escaped your attention. Argan is a tree that grows in only one...

Sulfates in Shampoo

27 Jun 2017

As someone who likes to routinely dye my hair bright pinks, blues and purples, I’m often told by my hairdresser to use sulfate free shampoos. He often talks to me about how multiple bleachings and...

Composers’ deaths left many questions unanswered

20 Mar 2017

Both Beethoven and Mozart were spectacular talents whose music will live forever. That’s a fact. But when it comes to the composers’ deaths, facts give way to theories, some reasonable, some...

The Case of "Saltair Sally"

20 Mar 2017

In October 2000, while walking along the shores of the "Great Salt Lake" near Salt Lake City, two hunters made a gruesome discovery. In a plastic bag, they found a white sock, a shirt, a few bones...

Treatments for Baldness

20 Mar 2017

Aristotle used goat urine and Hippocrates recommended pigeon droppings, as a treatment for baldness.

Why Black Hair Dye Became Popular in 1930s Detroit

20 Mar 2017

Well, because Henry Ford decided that younger men could work more productively on his automobile assembly line and so began to fire older workers and higher younger ones. This prompted some of the...

What is a “Brazilian” hair straightening treatment?

20 Mar 2017

In “Brazilian straightening” a protein known as keratin is mixed with formaldehyde and is applied to hair followed by heat treatment. Results can be surprisingly good with the straightening effect...

The "No-poo" Craze

20 Jan 2017

What do Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Adele and Howie Mandel have in common? They don’t “poo.” No, we are not talking about chronic constipation. We are talking about not sham”poo”ing. With...


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