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Gum and the 7 Year Myth

7 Nov 2019

But it’s not quite true. Chewing gum will not stay in your intestine for 7 years. While gum is not metabolized, broken down, or absorbed like most food, it doesn’t sit in your colon for the better...

Smooth ice cream

31 May 2017

If you see a product label that lists “guar gum or cellulose gum” among its ingredients you would probably expect to chew rather than lick.  But these substances are critical to making a smooth...


20 May 2017

Xylitol often appears in candies and gum as a low calorie sweetener. It has the added benefit that unlike sugar it does not support the growth of bacteria that can cause cavities. Xylitol’s name...

Gum is something to chew on, especially when taking a test

20 Mar 2017

I’ll tell you up front that I don’t like chewing gum. I know studies have shown that chewing may reduce tooth decay, help with weight management and even reduce stress, but I’m not won over. And it...

What is xylitol doing in chewing gum?

20 Mar 2017

Giving the chewer a sweet experience without worrying about cavities. Hopefully it does this without precipitating a quick trip to the bathroom. Sugar, as we well know, is persona- non-grata as far...

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