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greenhouse gases

Fossil Fuels, Greenhouse Gas and the Impact of Our Changing the Composition of the Atmosphere

10 Mar 2021

British Petroleum [BP] is a giant, global fossil fuel [oil and gas] company. Its 2019 sales were >$282 billion dollars, and with headquarters in London has over 70,000 employees worldwide. It...

The high-stakes challenge of capturing carbon dioxide

20 Mar 2017

It is clear that no longer can we continue to spew carbon dioxide recklessly into the atmosphere; and it is also clear that eventually we will run out of fossil fuels. So, how about killing two...

Climate Change

20 Mar 2017

As we get ready for winter here and watch news reports of unseasonable plummeting temperatures in some parts of North America, it is hard to be concerned about global warming. But climate change is...

Greenhouse Gases and Grave Stones

20 Mar 2017

Acid rain! Many gravestones are made of marble, which dissolves in acid. This means that if rain water is acidic, every time there is some precipitation, a bit of the marble is worn away. Acid rain...

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