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Is it true that rubbing olive oil on a knife will lead to “tearless chopping?”

10 Dec 2021

Not having carried out a proper scientific investigation in the kitchen, I can’s safe for sure, but I would doubt it makes a difference. Let’s delve into a little onion chemistry which will of...

Firing a Gun at Seeds

26 Oct 2017

Scary pictures circulating online would have you believe that scientists use a syringe to inject DNA into food. Don’t be silly. They use a gun....

Purple Tomatoes

10 May 2017

Are you ready for purple ketchup? What about purple pizzas? Scientists in Britain have recently developed a new type of genetically modified tomato enriched with anthocyanin, the pigment also found...

Biotechnology in Africa

20 Mar 2017

I have never really been hungry. Sure, I’ve had occasions when I could hardly wait to wolf down a slice of pizza or a serving of veggie goulash and I’ll admit to looking forward eagerly to the end...

Citrus greening

20 Mar 2017

You have probably never heard of the Asian citrus psyllid. But this insect, no bigger than the head of a pin, could be the reason that within a couple of years you will not be drinking orange juice...

There’s a big hole in Cheerios’ boast

20 Mar 2017

Make no mistake about it: General Mills’s introduction of Cheerios sporting the label “Not made with genetically modified ingredients” is a mere marketing ploy and has nothing to do with health or...


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