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Rethinking Your Garbage

21 Aug 2018

Do you ever wonder what happens to your garbage after you throw it out? While we hope that the recyclable materials we painstakingly sort out ends up being recycled, the garbage usually piles up in...

Crows as Garbage Collectors?

13 Jan 2018

Let’s crow about crows. They are smart birds. In Australia they have learned to feast on the repugnant cane toads that other animals avoid because of the toxin they secret from from glands above...


20 Mar 2017

"I hate plastics. We should get rid of them.” So began an email I received. The correspondent went on to talk about how plastics are a plague on the environment, how they contain chemicals that...

Pollution from Incinerators

20 Mar 2017

Just about any scientific issue is more complicated than it first seems. And so it is with incineration of waste. A "yes" or "no" answer cannot be given to the question of whether or not...

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