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The Spice of Life

23 Oct 2018

Very few of us would argue against the notion that spices (and to a lesser extent, their leafy cousins, herbs) play an important role in our culinary preferences. These days it would be almost...

Why does ouzo turn cloudy when water is added?

24 May 2018

Ouzo is a beverage served around the Mediterranean. You’ll see people in Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey sitting in cafes with a small glass of ouzo and a glass of water. When the water is poured...

The Food Babe has No Idea how Physiology Works

22 Feb 2018

Our good friend the Food Babe has published an interesting piece of pseudoscience writing entitled ‘Are Natural Flavors Really That Bad? (MUST WATCH)’. If you’re looking for the quick answer to...

Is Lip Balm Addictive?

14 Dec 2017

“My lowest point was having to stop at Walgreen’s because I was on my way to a wedding and discovered I did not have any in my purse.  We had to make a quick detour to buy some. I bought 10 of them...

Licking the Liquorice Habit

25 Apr 2017

An astute physician immediately asked about the woman's dietary habits and discovered that she was virtually addicted to liquorice candies, eating up to half a pound a day! Right then and there the...

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