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There are No Fish Genes in Tomatoes

20 Mar 2017

During a public lecture on genetic modification I described an experiment that involved enriching soybeans with the amino acid methionine. Soybeans are widely used to raise animals but are low in...

How safe is imported fish from China?

20 Mar 2017

Your question is way to inclusive to accurately answer ---the answer is "it depends"----some fish can  be perfectly safe to eat and other imports can be quite problematic. Here is a recent short...

Omega-3 Benefits

20 Mar 2017

Just slap “contains omega-3 fats” on a food label and sales boom. That’s because, thanks to the popular press, people have heard all about the benefits of these “nutritional superstars,” found in...

What makes a fish “organic?”

20 Mar 2017

The use of the label "organic" is regulated by a strict set of guidelines. As it applies to farmed fish, it implies following a number of rules with respect to water recycling, disposal of waste...

What About Mercury In Fish?

20 Mar 2017

Nutritionists recommend eating fish regularly, twice a week, because it is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, and omega-3 fats. These omega-3 fats are nicknamed the ‘healing fats’ because...


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