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Why Limes Don’t Have Seeds

21 Apr 2023

You’re likely familiar with an everyday, small round, green lime. Whether in a margarita, with your Thai food or adorning your glass of soda, they’re a common enough culinary occurrence. But have...

From Farm to Pharmacy: Wading Through the Muddied Waters of Antibiotic Resistance

20 Feb 2018

One of the mandates of our Office is to foster students’ skills in communicating science. We encourage students to submit articles and we publish the ones that we consider to be well written. These...

Milk Wars: Trump and Canada's dairy farmers

28 Apr 2017

Donald Trump recently attacked Canada’s dairy industry, calling our policies unfair. Milk supply in Canada, like poultry and eggs, is strictly regulated by supply management policies. By regulating...

Seeds of Hope: GMO eggplants

20 Mar 2017

Why would anyone oppose a technology that dramatically increases crop yields and protects farmers from excessive exposure to pesticides? Because of irrational fears about the technology involved,...

The Problem of Herbicide Resistance

20 Mar 2017

Farmers who are growing herbicide resistant crops such as corn or soy may start to identify with Audrey Jr. in Little Shop of Horrors. In that film, later made into a Broadway musical, a dorky...

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