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Happy Ether Day!

22 Oct 2021

This past week on October 16 we celebrated National Ether Day. If you missed it, here is why you should not have. Rarely does a single event alter the course of medicine, but that is exactly what...

Living With Half a Brain: Phineas Gage

31 Jul 2018

The Warren Medical Museum in Boston is a fascinating place, named after Dr. John Collins Warren who performed the first surgery under ether anesthesia in 1846. On view is the actual flask that...

The Introduction of Surgical Anesthesia

24 May 2017

A dentist named Morton claimed that he could produce surgical anesthesia with this miracle compound and that he would demonstrate it at Mass General. With the observation gallery full and the men...

Before ether was a potent painkiller, it was a hit with revellers

20 Mar 2017

The marble and granite statue in the Boston Common depicts a physician in medieval clothing holding a cloth next to the face of a man who seems to have passed out. An inscription on the base of the...

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