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critical thinking

Doing Your Own Research a Little Bit Better

14 Apr 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic helped popularize a hair-raising phrase: “do your own research.” Portrayed as a call for self-empowerment, it became the tell-tale sign of someone who didn’t trust public...

The Funhouse Mirror of Risk Perception

9 Jul 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated many preexisting problems. One of them is how to vet the avalanche of information flowing down at us on a daily basis. Another is how to properly assess the risks...

Tips for Better Thinking: We Will Lose Control

2 Dec 2020

Public health measures during a pandemic (like lockdowns and mask mandates) can make some people uneasy. One argument that seems to underlie this anxiety is “masks now, government surveillance via...

Tips for Better Thinking: It Doesn’t Always Get Published

20 Oct 2020

Thinking clearly is not just about recognizing the ways in which our brain misbehaves. Sometimes, it’s about realizing that the information we find in the world is incomplete. We all know that...

Under Hypnosis with Dr. Raz

20 Mar 2017

Below is a transcribed interview from my sit-down with Dr. Raz.

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