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(May 28, 2020): COVID and More: Conversations with the McGill Office for Science and Society

28 May 2020

On this week’s “COVID-19 and More: Conversations with the McGill Office for Science and Society”, Joe Schwarcz Jonathan Jarry, Emily Shore, and guest Dr. Debbie Schwarcz Gonshor discuss the latest...

“Antibodies, Are You There?” Answering This Question Proves Challenging

28 May 2020

Technology is imperfect. Anyone who’s ever used a computer knows this. You search for a file that you know to be on your hard drive and somehow the search function just cannot find it. If computers...

Predicting Emerging COVID-19 Hotspots...Without Asking

27 May 2020

The ability to accurately pinpoint areas where new cases of COVID-19 are rising would help to better allocate resources and enact better local policy....

The Anti-Vaccine Movement in 2020

22 May 2020

What does an antivaxxer and a far-right activist have in common? If the thought of someone who opposes vaccines brings to mind tie-dye shirts and tree hugging, your answer may be “nothing.” But...

Physical Isolation and the Case of Typhoid Mary

15 May 2020

Infectious diseases have a long history. The first epidemics were probably caused by the variola virus that causes smallpox. The disease commonly spreads through skin-to-skin contact or contact...

(May 14, 2020) COVID-19 and More: Conversations with the McGill OSS

14 May 2020

This week's "COVID and More: Conversations with the McGill OSS" took a deep dive into face masks, Kawasaki Disease, buying food (and coffee, Emily Shore misses hers), different strains of the virus...


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