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Should we worry about plastic pollution?

20 Mar 2017

Plastics are the fabric of modern life. They’re in our cars, our planes, our kitchens, our electronics, our furniture, our bottles, our packaging, our floors and our medical equipment. We are using...

Does Hydroquinone Have a Dark Side?

20 Mar 2017

They were once mistakenly thought to be caused by a disease of the liver, so they are called “liver spots.” Actually these skin blemishes are caused by a buildup of the skin pigment melanin and are...

3D Makeup Printers are Making it Up

20 Mar 2017

Several people have sent me this video of a Harvard student "inventing" a 3-D printer that cranks out cosmetics at home. She starts out by telling us that the cosmetics industry, a $55 billion...

What is Shania Twain’s Secret to Soft and Supple Skin?

20 Mar 2017

According to Shania, her secret is “udderly” simple. It has nothing to do with liposomes, pentapeptides, collagen or ceramides. She uses Bag Balm, a product originally developed to keep cow udders...

Should we be concerned about parabens in cosmetics?

20 Mar 2017

Not if you look at the numbers. Many cosmetics now advertise "no parabens," as they cater to chemical paranoia. Parabens are very effective preservatives and prevent bacterial growth in creams and...


20 Mar 2017

“As seen on the Dr. Oz Show” is a claim that is guaranteed to boost sales for any product. Like the “phytoceramides” glorified by a couple of plastic surgeons on the show. Incorporated into dietary...

From Cave Paintings to M&Ms

20 Mar 2017

Studies have shown that red is the colour that attracts attention. Its uses are timeless and endless. Since ancient times, the colour red has been involved in fashion, art, food and cosmetics. But...

How about some Snail Cream?

20 Mar 2017

No, you don’t eat it. Neither is it meant to limber up the arthritic joints of snails. You massage it into your face to improve complexion, reduce wrinkles and improve scar lines. At least that’s...

X-Rays and Hair Removal

20 Mar 2017

In 1895 Wilhelm Roentgen made one of the most famous medical discoveries of all time when he noticed that a beam of electrons passing through a partially evacuated tube gave off invisible rays that...


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