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Giving “Worried Sick” a Whole New Meaning

9 Apr 2021

Catherine Wang is a biomedical science student at McGill University, specializing in anatomy and cell biology....

Cortisol, Testosterone and Finding a Mate

18 May 2017

For animals wanting to find the healthiest mate, cortisol (stress hormone) levels in their mates could have big implications. Luckily, it appears that animals detect cortisol levels through its...

Are Wind Farms Really Bad for People's Health?

20 Mar 2017

At present wind turbines produce a little over 2% of Canada’s electricity.  The industry’s goal is to have this number go up to 20% by 2025 leading to a rapid expansion of wind farms around the...

Stinky Boyfriend? Blame Your Nose.

20 Mar 2017

Some girls find their boyfriend’s natural odor sexy, some find it repugnant. And a new study conducted by molecular genetics and microbiology professor Hiroaki Matsunami and his team at Duke...

Is it true that getting angry can affect the heart?

20 Feb 2017

Indeed, the risk of a heart attack or angina is nearly five times higher in the two hours following an anger outburst than at other times, and the risk of stroke is four times higher. Let’s not get...

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