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The End of the Pandemic

13 Nov 2020

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 could be “characterized as a pandemic,” meaning that this new disease was now spreading all over the world. One day, we will...

This Paper Argues an Amulet May Protect from COVID. Should It Have Been Published?

5 Nov 2020

“It’s not a hoax! It’s not a hoax!” Dr. Moses Turkle Bility, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh, told me over Zoom. And I believe him.

Regeneron’s Antibody Cocktail Wants to Join the Immunotherapy Revolution

16 Oct 2020

The name “Regeneron” has been in the news lately because their antibody cocktail was administered to Donald Trump when he was diagnosed with COVID-19, and there is hope that this experimental...

How Long Does the COVID Virus Live on Surfaces?

16 Oct 2020

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

New Study is no Reason to Stop Wearing Masks

2 Oct 2020

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

The Psychiatrist Who Calmly Denies Reality

24 Sep 2020

It is alarming to find a popular medical doctor on the Internet who claims that appendicitis—a common inflammation of the appendix which can lead to sepsis and death—is no big deal. According to...

COVID-19 Nonsense May Not Be Benign

17 Sep 2020

There is a great deal of nonsense being spread about COVID-19. No matter how outrageous a claim, it gets traction with some people. It seems hard to believe that some actually believe that Bill...


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