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The Vaccine is Here But So Is The Fear

15 Dec 2020

No, we will not become genetic mutants when we finally get to roll up our sleeves and agree to be jabbed with a vaccine containing modified messenger RNA (mod-mRNA). That scare is making the rounds...

Enough To Make Scientists Cry!

8 Dec 2020

People have been asking about a video by anti-vaxxer Del Bigtree who claims that the COVID-19 vaccines have not been properly tested, made animals deathly ill in trials, and are ineffective and...

Mouthing off About Mouthwash for COVID

24 Nov 2020

Can rinsing your mouth with the right mouthwash protect you from the novel coronavirus or reduce your risk of transmitting it to someone else? A recent study involving mouthwash and the coronavirus...

The Clown Prince of Wellness

19 Nov 2020

There is a man on the Internet known for satirizing wellness trends who was recently censored on YouTube for spreading unfounded conspiracy theories. JP Sears made a name for himself by gently...

The End of the Pandemic

13 Nov 2020

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 could be “characterized as a pandemic,” meaning that this new disease was now spreading all over the world. One day, we will...

(Nov. 12, 2020) "COVID & More" with Guest Dr. David Zlotnick

12 Nov 2020

Video of (Nov. 12, 2020): "COVID & More" with Guest Dr. David Zlotnick


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