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Concerns About Cookware Chemistry

21 Jan 2022

Like most chemists, I like to cook.  After all, what is cooking but the appropriate mixing of chemicals?  In the lab we use flasks and beakers, but how do we equip our kitchen?  Tiffany's in New...

(July 2, 2020) COVID and More: Conversations with the McGill OSS

2 Jul 2020

The McGill Office for Science and Society returned with another “COVID and More" this week. Some of the topics discussed included vaccine progress and sentiment, the sensitivity and specificity of...

Can a Moscow Mule Kick Out the Coronavirus?

29 Apr 2020

Can a Moscow Mule reduce the chance of becoming infected by the coronavirus? That’s just one of the many unusual questions that has come my way as a panicked population clutches at every possible...

Dental Amalgam: What's the Drill?

6 Nov 2019

While dental amalgam has been in use for well over a century, some controversy has arisen in recent decades regarding possible toxicity due to its mercury content. The internet is rife with...

No Need to be In the Dark About the Light Bulb

6 Nov 2018

Way back in 1802, Humphrey Davy, one of the most brilliant chemists of all time, became interested in the novel phenomenon of electricity. By this time he had already published a treatise on the...

Can Copper Bracelets Help with Arthritis?

20 Mar 2017

Diseases, such as arthritis, which have no known cure often drive sufferers to what orthodox science might call "questionable treatments." The wearing of copper bracelets to ease the symptoms of...

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