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The First Consumer Activist

26 Jul 2023

So you are worried about aspartame or a little Red #3 in your food? You know what you would have to worry about back in the early years of the 19th century? A little strychnine in the beer.  A...

Should we worry about benzene in personal care spray products?

25 Feb 2022

Probably not, but such products should not contain benzene and can be formulated without this contaminant. The issue arises because a number of products, including some deodorants, sunscreens,...

It’s In The Can!

17 Sep 2021

A liner prevents the metal from reacting with the can’s contents. The concern is about bisphenol A (BPA), one of the components used to produce the epoxy resin, leaching out into the food or...

Are we at risk from wearing clothing with detectable amounts of PFASs or phthalates?

20 Aug 2021

Much ink has recently been spilled about our environment, and potentially our bodies, being contaminated by some of the estimated 60,000 chemicals being industrially produced today. That ink itself...

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