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Who Is Likely to Believe in Conspiracy Theories?

28 Jul 2023

Pre-pandemic, the question I would most often get was, “How do I know whom to trust when it comes to health and science information?”...

Belief in Conspiracy Theories Is Probably Not Getting Worse Over Time

28 Jul 2022

A question I am often asked by journalists is if more people believe in conspiracy theories now than before. Sometimes, the question is not even asked; the answer is simply inferred. Of course they...

Doing Your Own Research a Little Bit Better

14 Apr 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic helped popularize a hair-raising phrase: “do your own research.” Portrayed as a call for self-empowerment, it became the tell-tale sign of someone who didn’t trust public...

Zen and the Art of Talking to Conspiracy Theorists

25 Feb 2021

Imagine if a close family member told you your romantic partner was a bad match for you. Not only is your loving partner being criticized, but you feel personally attacked as well. If your relative...

Back Away From “America’s Frontline Doctors”

4 Feb 2021

Not a day goes by without a video being forwarded to me accompanied by the question, “Is this true?” Invariably the answer is “ is no evidence,” and that usually ends the discussion....

The Clown Prince of Wellness

19 Nov 2020

There is a man on the Internet known for satirizing wellness trends who was recently censored on YouTube for spreading unfounded conspiracy theories. JP Sears made a name for himself by gently...

This Paper Argues an Amulet May Protect from COVID. Should It Have Been Published?

5 Nov 2020

“It’s not a hoax! It’s not a hoax!” Dr. Moses Turkle Bility, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh, told me over Zoom. And I believe him.


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