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Cockroach, scorpion and turpentine extract for heart disease?

10 Nov 2023

What would you think if after a heart attack your doctor prescribed capsules of extracts of ginseng, Chinese scorpion, cockroach, leech, peony root, sandalwood and turpentine? I suspect this might...

Acupressure for the Hiccups: Cure or Placebo?

9 Sep 2022

Whether you are in a quiet library, giving an important presentation, or showing up to a first date, hiccups always seem to come up at the worst times. Folklore tells us that hiccups happen when...

Can Red Marine Algae help with shingles, eczema or cold sores?

20 Mar 2017

Records indicate that red marine algae, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dates back to approximately 300 B.C. As is the case with many such products it was recommended for a variety of...

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