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Book Review: Living in the Chemical Age

31 May 2018

I once attended a presentation on the wonders of raw food and sous-vide cooking at a spa resort. What was fascinating was seeing the gradual reaction of my fellow attendees as the presenter piled...

Nervous about “nerve agents”

13 Mar 2018

It was back in 1939, that German chemist Gerhard Schrader was searching for better methods to control insects when he chanced upon a substance that had greater insecticidal activity than anything...

The Hindenburg Crash

21 Mar 2017

What was the greatest dirigible tragedy in history? I bet just about everyone thought of the Hindenburg which crashed and burned in a spectacular fashion when coming in for a landing at Lakehurst,...

Chemistry lesson for The Food Babe… and everyone else #14: No, silly putty is not hiding in our food

21 Mar 2017

“You Won’t Believe Where Silly Putty Is Hiding In Your Food.” So begins one of the Food Babe’s attempts to shock us about how the food industry is poisoning us. This time the target of the wild...

The Precautionary Principle

20 Mar 2017

“When there is substantial, credible evidence of danger to human or environmental health, protective action should be taken despite continuing scientific uncertainty.” That’s the “Precautionary...

A Tale of Two Bracelets

20 Mar 2017

This is a tale of two bracelets. One brandishes flagrant nonsense, the other flirts with some clever science. We begin with a perplexing question I was asked while wandering through a mall in...

Are environmental chemicals making us fat?

20 Mar 2017

We are getting fatter.  The World Health Organization estimates that a seventh of the world’s population is overweight and about 300 million people can now be classified as obese.  What’s going on?...

Is there lead in my lipstick?

20 Mar 2017

Had a question about lead in lipstick. You won't see lead listed on the label but doesn’t mean that there is no lead in the product. Certainly there is no lead added on purpose, but the presence of...

Getting Antsy

20 Mar 2017

We are having some major issues here in the Office for Science & Society. The issue? Ants. That’s right. Those itsy bitsy teeny weeny insects that somehow make their way through every nook,...


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