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A Carcinogen in Bread?

7 Jun 2022

I ventured into homemade bread-making at the start of the pandemic two years ago. My first try failed miserably. The bread turned out to be a shapeless, mushy mess. What ingredient was missing?...

Non-smoker’s lung cancer and the hidden link

31 Dec 2021

The link between cigarette smoking and lung cancer is widely acknowledged. But not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer and not everyone who gets lung cancer is a smoker. How does one contract the...

A Broccoli Conundrum

1 Oct 2021

Life is full of difficult decisions, isn’t it? Should you put broccoli on a pizza before or after sliding it into the oven? Fret not. This decision can be made a little easier by examining the...

Why does California want to put a cancer warning on coffee?

5 Apr 2018

I’ve commented many times on what I think is a ludicrous piece of legislation in California known as Proposition 65. This requires that the public be informed by signs, as is the case on entering...

The Root in Root Beer is Sassafras

22 Feb 2018

Unless you’re participating in a spelling bee or playing Fallout New Vegas, you probably don’t think about sassafras much, but you might still ingest it regularly. It is, or at least once was, the...

A Leg-Raising Experiment

2 Jun 2017

Bladder cancer in humans has been associated with cigarette smoking.  Since dogs can also develop this deadly cancer, they can serve as model for evaluating treatment methods.  In a study at the...

Wood burning stoves should be extinguished

20 Mar 2017

Wood burning stoves are a health hazard. Period. Not debatable. To understand, we first have to examine what combustion is all about. When cellulose and lignin, the major components of wood, burn...

Fearsome Yellow

20 Mar 2017

Next time you think of welcoming someone home by tying a yellow ribbon around an old oak tree, you might want to think again. According to a widely circulating report the yellow dye could leave a...

A Hot Potato

20 Mar 2017

The poor potato is being mashed by criticism.Too high a glycemic index, critics say, which means more sugar in the bloodstream for anyone concerned about diabetes. Forget about eating potatoes, say...


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