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Can phytoplankton cure cancer?

20 Mar 2017

It’s a compelling story. Tom Harper and his wife built a large shellfish farm in British Columbia but found it hard to make ends meet because of the expense of the feed that was needed. So Tom...

Hygiene and Health

20 Mar 2017

We’ve grown up with the idea that dirt is bad. If you drop food on the floor, don’t dare to pick it up and eat it. Sanitize your kitchen and bathroom with “germ killers.” Filter your water. Purify...

Can asparagus be a treatment for cancer?

20 Mar 2017

What makes people believe the unbelievable? Sometimes it’s desperation. Sometimes it’s wishful thinking about simple answers for complex problems. Sometimes it is blind trust in the untrustworthy....

Does Blue Cheese Cause Cancer?

20 Mar 2017

Is it true that eating blue cheese causes cancer? That is what one of our correspondents wanted to know. Mercifully, the answer is: no. But I think I know how this story got started. Blue cheese is...

What are oncogenes?

20 Mar 2017

I once read somewhere that “cancer is the natural end state of all multicellular organisms”. If this was meant as reassurance to the millions who have suffered the ravages of the merciless...

The Chemistry of Tom Yum Soup

20 Mar 2017

If you like Tom Yum Gung soup, a Thai cuisine favourite, you probably enjoy the flavor and aroma of lemongrass. It’s a stalky plant with a lemony odour, widely used in Asian dishes. Much of the...

Female Smokers are More at Risk than Male

20 Mar 2017

Ladies, want another reason to quit smoking? A study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America suggests that women who smoke are twice as likely as male smokers...

Have you heard of the book "The Cure of all Cancers"?

20 Mar 2017

Freedom of speech; one of our most sacred rights. Men and women are willing to die for it. Unfortunately, they also die because of it. Let me elaborate....

What is the latest on lycopene?

20 Mar 2017

We like to have simple solutions to complex problems. Want to reduce the risk of prostate cancer? Why, just pop a lycopene pill! Many men are doing just that, prompted by ads in magazines and sales...


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