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Weighing the benefits of tea

20 Mar 2017

“Get in here and sit your ass down!”...

Antioxidants Disappoint Again

20 Mar 2017

Science is based on evidence, and evidence changes. Heart attack victims used to be put on prolonged bed rest until evidence indicated that this was not the way to go. If a baby was born by C...

Miracle Mineral Solution is a Nightmare

20 Mar 2017

Malaria, AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, cancer.  Terrible diseases.  That’s why thousands and thousands of scientists around the world, armed with advanced degrees, are engaged in research projects aimed...

Is celery juice a viable alternative to nitrites in cured meats?

20 Mar 2017

Nitrates and nitrites are used to "cure" meat.  Their role was likely discovered by accident and can be traced to the use of salt that happened to be contaminated with potassium or sodium nitrate,...

Alkaline Food Bunk

20 Mar 2017

There is lots of bluster on the Internet about "acidic" and "alkaline" foods usually based on some story that cancer cells can only survive in an acid environment and it is therefore advisable to...

Dr. Watson's article in 'Open Biology'

20 Mar 2017

When Dr. Jim Watson speaks, people listen. But they don't always hear the right things. Many press accounts reported that Watson had said that antioxidants cause cancer. He didn't say that. He...

Many substinence farmers in Africa grow peanuts. Why are they being encouraged to store these in sacks made of natural fibers instead of plastic?

20 Mar 2017

In North America we hear a great deal about chemicals such as plasticizers leaching out of plastic. In this case, though, the problem is not what the plastic releases but what it retains, namely,...

What is the latest on lycopene?

20 Mar 2017

We like to have simple solutions to complex problems. Want to reduce the risk of prostate cancer? Why, just pop a lycopene pill! Many men are doing just that, prompted by ads in magazines and sales...

Blueberries and Breast Cancer

20 Mar 2017

Blueberries may reduce the growth of breast cancer! So screamed newspaper headlines. A bit of an overstatement. The study referred to was carried out on female nude mice. These are mice specially...


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