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Number Needed to Treat

20 Mar 2017

We all want to be healthy and live as long as possible. So we think about popping vitamin pills, a daily dose of aspirin, eating foods with probiotics and taking statin drugs. And we puzzle over...

The Cancer Conspiracy Unveiled

20 Mar 2017

“As a crab is furnished with claws on both sides of its body, so, in this disease, the veins which extend from the tumour represent with it a figure much like a crab.”...

Weighing the benefits of tea

20 Mar 2017

“Get in here and sit your ass down!”...

Antioxidants Disappoint Again

20 Mar 2017

Science is based on evidence, and evidence changes. Heart attack victims used to be put on prolonged bed rest until evidence indicated that this was not the way to go. If a baby was born by C...

Miracle Mineral Solution is a Nightmare

20 Mar 2017

Malaria, AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, cancer.  Terrible diseases.  That’s why thousands and thousands of scientists around the world, armed with advanced degrees, are engaged in research projects aimed...

Does Danger Lurk in Plastic Bottles?

20 Mar 2017

Researchers were surprised to see that snails reared in some plastic water bottles produced almost twice as many offspring as their brethren raised in glass bottles. This wasn’t some experiment by...

Leukemia Needs Chemotherapy, Not "Live Enzyme Treatment"

20 Mar 2017

Do parents have a right to make a decision about how a minor’s cancer is to be treated? Or not treated? This is not just a hypothetical question, it is a very current one. Acute lymphoblastic...

Aspirin and Breast Cancer

20 Mar 2017

An article that poses the alluring question “Cancer Treatment in Your Medicine Cabinet?” by Michelle Holmes and Wendy Chen, both Harvard physicians, has been getting a lot of traction. That’s...

Vitamin B17 is Not a Vitamin

20 Mar 2017

You’ve got to love the plot. A meteorite falls to earth and begins to ooze a revolting goo that dines on humans. It makes its way into a movie theatre, and in a classic scene, surges from the...


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