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The Curious Sexual and Asexual Habits of the Mighty Mite

3 Mar 2023

Have you ever heard of pancake syndrome? No, it’s not the medicalization of having breakfast for dinner, nor is it a skin rash reminiscent of those delicious flat cakes. It’s a severe allergic...

When Drinking Tea, You Get a Mouthful of Bug DNA

5 Jul 2022

There are bugs in your cup of tea. Not whole bugs (hopefully not). But the essence of a hundred species of insects can be found in that tea bag you buy from the store. Even if you have been sipping...

A Plant That Eats Bugs

28 Aug 2020

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant well known for its ability to lure insects (and arachnids) into its “capture organ.” Once they enter there is no escape. The organ shuts tight and the...

Why Mosquitos Bite You and How to Make Them Stop

5 Jul 2019

Summertime means hammocks, BBQs, fireworks, and mosquito bites....

Leafcutter Ants are Farmers Who Grow Fungi

2 May 2019

Leafcutter ants can strip as much as 17% of the leaf biomass from plants in their ecosystem and can clear entire trees in under a day. Next to ours, leafcutter ant society is the most complex...

"Insects on the Bottom" Yogurt

20 Mar 2017

In general, I find “Center for Science in the Public Interest” to be a very reputable organization and I always enjoy reading “Nutrition Action,” their flagship publication. I usually find myself...

Ants in Our Homes

20 Mar 2017

There are various insecticides that will eliminate ants. Chlorpyrifos is probably the most effective and is available in a number of commercial versions containing 0.5% of the active ingredient. It...

Bugs in the Ear

20 Mar 2017

You've probably heard this one.  An earwig crawls into a lady's ear while she is asleep on a beach.  She doesn't realize anything is wrong until she starts to have terrible pains.  An x-ray...


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