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The Secret to a More Flavourful Stew

14 Jan 2019

The secret is the Maillard reaction! In 1912, Louis-Camille Maillard discovered that bread crust, coffee beans, beer and roasted meat all turned brown because of a chemical reaction between sugars...

Why does lettuce turn brown?

11 Oct 2018

That’s an interesting question. How lettuce turns brown is well known. But why this happens is a different story. Lets deal with the how first. The chemistry that takes place when lettuce leaves...

Can placing an avocado seed in guacamole prevent discolouration?

20 Mar 2017

I like guacamole. But I like it to be green. This mix of mashed avocado, peppers and tomatoes has been a South American staple for hundreds of years. And for just as long, avocado lovers have waged...