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A Carcinogen in Bread?

7 Jun 2022

I ventured into homemade bread-making at the start of the pandemic two years ago. My first try failed miserably. The bread turned out to be a shapeless, mushy mess. What ingredient was missing?...

Passing Over the Exodus Story

13 Apr 2022

Can you imagine eating 78 matzah balls in 8 minutes? That’s about 4,000 calories and 2,700 mg of cholesterol! Joey Chestnut accomplished that monumental feat back in 2008 at the Inaugural World...

The Science of Sourdough and How a Jar of Microbes Could Help Keep Your Bread Fresher Longer

28 Jul 2020

Its catapult to popularity may have been triggered by the pandemic-induced yeast shortages, but even months later, when instant yeast is once again available at most grocery stores, sourdough’s...

What is Smart Bread?

20 Mar 2017

I’m not sure why they call it “smart bread.” Is it because it’s smart to eat it or because it is made for smart people? Or could they be referring to the omega-3 fats added to the bread? There are...

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