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Jawing About French King Louis IX’s Jawbone

22 Mar 2023

Pathologists study the causes and effects of disease mostly through laboratory examination of samples taken from body tissues. But what does a paleopathologist do? Given that “paleo” comes from...

Broken Bones Grow Back Stronger… Sort Of

19 Apr 2018

Growing up I always heard the same adage when I broke a bone, “Don’t worry it’ll grow back stronger”. But is that really true?

Why does heart muscle turn to bone after a heart attack?

21 May 2017

Doctors have long noticed that after a heart attack, a patient’s heart may develop what appear to be bone deposits or patches of calcium and phosphate, but they’ve never really known why. A new...

Are denosumab (Prolia) injections an effective treatment for osteoporosis?

20 Mar 2017

Osteoporosis derives from the Greek meaning “porous bones. ” This disease causes porosity and brittleness of the bone due to the excessive loss of protein, mineral content and calcium. Osteoporosis...

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