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bisphenol A

Joe Mercola and “Foods You Should Never Eat.”

20 Mar 2017

Joe Mercola is an osteopath who runs a popular health website on which he offers all sorts of advice, mostly questionable. He also sells a huge variety of products ranging from an array of...

Neil Armstrong and Coloured Trumpet Mouthpieces

20 Mar 2017

The helmet that Neil Armstrong wore when landing on the moon in 1969 and coloured trumpet mouthpieces are made of the same plastic, Lexan. In 1953 Daniel Fox at General Electric was looking for...

Bisphenol A and Sexual Dysfunction

20 Mar 2017

One thing is for sure. Headline writers last week must have been thrilled by the study that linked exposure to bisphenol A with sexual dysfunction in Chinese men. “Study a real downer.” “Hard...


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