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Should we worry about benzene in personal care spray products?

25 Feb 2022

Probably not, but such products should not contain benzene and can be formulated without this contaminant. The issue arises because a number of products, including some deodorants, sunscreens,...

Benzene Jitters

19 Jan 2022

At one time it was used as an aftershave because of its sweet smell.  It was even used to decaffeinate coffee.  Oh my, how times change!  Today we worry about a few parts per billion of benzene in...

What exactly is “Green Chemistry?”

30 Apr 2021

In 1942 nylon went to war. American paratroopers dropped from the sky with nylon parachutes and hunkered down in nylon tents. Soldiers on leave hoped to seduce European women with gifts of nylon...

Benzene in your car - and it's not in the gas tank!

20 Mar 2017

Everyone knows that driving car is a risky business but what about just getting into one? Especially on a hot day! And we’re not talking about burning your rear by depositing it on the plastic seat...

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