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Athletes, Vaccines and Cardiac Deaths

24 Nov 2023

This article was originally posted in the Montreal Gazette....

If Male Athletes Can Run Fast, Female Athletes Can Run Far

22 Jun 2023

In schoolyards worldwide, the phrase “you run like a girl” is often used as an insult. We are used to seeing male athletes jump higher, lift heavier weights, and run faster than female athletes due...

Are You Left-Handed? Science Still Yearns to Know Why

17 Sep 2021

Being left-handed can be devilishly hard. In 1937, an educational psychologist whose work was later discredited wrote of many left-handers that “they squint, they stammer, they shuffle and shamble,...

Performance Enhancing...Headphones?

24 Apr 2018

Sport headphones are usually designed to be to be small, light, waterproof, and wireless so that they don’t get in the way while working out. Given this design standard, a pair of bulky over-ear...

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