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Space Flight and Duct Tape

5 Jun 2020

Just four months after Apollo 11’s historic landing on the moon in 1969, “Intrepid,” Apollo 12’s lunar lander, made a perfect landing. It was expected that in April of 1970, “Aquarius,” Apollo 13’s...

Did You Know That Moon Dust Is Incredibly Toxic?

4 Oct 2018

There are no aliens on the moon, but that might not stop it from trying to kill us....

Spaceships recycle everything... except astronaut's poop

13 Jun 2018

Astronauts inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, just like you and me. On Earth, where exhaled air warmed by our bodies naturally rises away from us, the possibility of inhaling too much carbon...

Sleeping Astronauts

24 May 2017

Astronauts need to sleep next to a ventilator fan while they’re in weightless orbit; otherwise, they might suffocate in their sleep. Reason being, is that warm air does not naturally rise when...

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