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Getting Antsy During COVID

15 Jul 2020

In this COVID era, nighttime entertainment often comes down to watching one of the plethora of programs offered by streaming services. Let me make a recommendation. Summer is a time for ants to...

Leafcutter Ants are Farmers Who Grow Fungi

2 May 2019

Leafcutter ants can strip as much as 17% of the leaf biomass from plants in their ecosystem and can clear entire trees in under a day. Next to ours, leafcutter ant society is the most complex...

Pangolins Use Rocks in Lieu of Teeth

31 May 2018

Pangolins, or scaly anteaters, are amazing little mammals. There are eight species of them, and they are the only living creatures in their order of Pholidota. Spread throughout Asia and Africa,...

Spiders are masters of disguise

25 Apr 2017

Some clever Central American spiders disguise themselves as ants by holding a pair of legs over their head to mimic antennae. They climb into ant nests and have a feast. And how about male European...

Getting Antsy

20 Mar 2017

We are having some major issues here in the Office for Science & Society. The issue? Ants. That’s right. Those itsy bitsy teeny weeny insects that somehow make their way through every nook,...

Ants in Our Homes

20 Mar 2017

There are various insecticides that will eliminate ants. Chlorpyrifos is probably the most effective and is available in a number of commercial versions containing 0.5% of the active ingredient. It...

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