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Sniffing Benzedrine Inhalers

21 Jun 2022

In 1943, the Smith, Kline and French pharmaceutical company added hot pepper extract to Benzedrine, its popular decongestant inhaler. The fiery taste of capsaicin, the compound responsible for the ...

The Time I Thought I Would Meet My Maker

12 Jan 2022

Being of Hungarian origin, I have had some experience with hot paprika. That’s why I was not averse to trying some of the hot sauces offered up for tasting at one of the many spice shops in New...

Khat, and Not the Fuzzy Kind

9 Jan 2018

Khat is a plant native to Africa that when chewed produces a stimulant effect, similar to amphetamines. It’s regulated in several countries (including Canada) and its use actually predates the...

Birth of Amphetamine

20 Mar 2017

First synthesized by Lazar Edeleanu in Germany in 1887, amphetamine remained quietly under the radar until it came to the attention of chemist Gordon Alles in 1929.  Alles was looking for an asthma...

Attention to Amphetamines

20 Mar 2017

During the Second World War Allied soldiers and pilots, like the Germans, were also issued amphetamines. This was not without controversy. The Luftwaffe soon gave up on the drugs because...

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