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Can This Smell Relieve Nausea?

28 Apr 2023

This article was first published in The Skeptical Inquirer.

Put a Cork In It

3 Mar 2023

I’ve never been one for cork sniffing. I always thought it was kind of a snobby thing to do, but I never really investigated the practice since I’ve never really cared much for wine. Then one day,...

How is IBU measured?

30 Dec 2022

I tried over 50 new beers in 2022. From Les Grands Bois here in Quebec all the way to Ucluelet Brewing across the country, my friends and I embarked on our own sort of brewery tour. The most...

Does passing vodka through a Brita filter really improve its taste?

14 Oct 2022

For many people “cheap” and “tastes good” are the main requisites when choosing an alcoholic drink. So, it is not a surprise that the Brita filter hack caught the internet’s attention — including...

“Jansporting”: When it Saves Lives and When it Doesn’t

23 Sep 2022

Back to school season usually evokes the image of new supplies — coloured highlighters, clean lab coats and lined paper, all packed nicely into students’ backpacks. On university campuses, however,...

The Sweet and Sticky Science of Sugar

3 Dec 2021

Sugar is sweet and sticky.  That’s a fact.  In fact, during the reign of Edward the Confessor in the early eleventh century, "ale tasters" were employed to check on the work of brewers.  They would...

What is Guarana?

30 Sep 2021

The Amazon is a dangerous place, with jaguars, anacondas and piranhas in constant search for their next meal, but you would not have anything to fear from guarana. It isn’t a predator, it’s a woody...


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