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Imodium is an opioid

25 Aug 2017

The drug marketed as Imodium, loperamide, has found a new, unintended use. While traditionally used for relieving diarrhea, some drug users are now turning to loperamide to either relieve the...

Kratom- Potential Opioid Saviour?

16 Jun 2017

Kratom is rapidly becoming a choice recreational drug, but there's a good chance you've never heard of this substance, which can cause sedative effects like morphine at high doses as well as...

Why We Get Caffeine Withdrawal Headaches

13 Jun 2017

Caffeine interacts with a neurotransmitter- adenosine- receptors, inhibiting the functions that adenosine would normally activate- namely, sleepy feelings. One theory behind caffeine withdrawal...

Junk Food Addiction

20 Mar 2017

We like sweets and we like fats. That’s why we serve cheesecake for dessert instead of carrot sticks. Great for the taste buds but not for the waistline. And when the belt starts to become too...

Bath Salts & Other Spiked Drugs

20 Mar 2017

“Bath salts,” “vacuum fresheners” and “plant food” seem innocuous enough. You can pick then up at some gas stations, convenience stores, some garden supply shops, or order them on the Internet....

Is Sugar Addictive?

20 Mar 2017

It causes epileptic seizures, gastric cancer, liver tumours, multiple sclerosis and increases the risk of polio and Alzheimer's disease. It dehydrates newborns and increases the risk of Crohn's...

What is Huffing?

20 Mar 2017

According to new data obtained by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, the use of inhalants is on the rise. The number of grade eight student users has jumped by eighteen percent; and the...


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