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The Fountain of Youth and Alligators

18 Oct 2019

Funny the things one remembers. Like “Don’s Fountain of Youth,” a short cartoon I saw some time back in the 60s. “Don” was Donald Duck and the story was all about taking his nephews on a Florida...

Why do people get hungry an hour after eating Chinese food?

4 Oct 2019

As far as I know, this is all anecdotal and nobody has ever done a study to determine if this is actually true. To start with, not all Chinese meals are alike. “American” Chinese food with its bevy...

The Link Between Vitamin D and Alzheimer's

3 Oct 2019

There is fair evidence that regular physical activity helps stave off dementia, but it is always difficult to be too certain about this association since the people who exercise more tend to be...

Will Gymnema Curb Your Sweet, Sweet Cravings?

20 Aug 2019

It would have been easy to dismiss the claim out of hand by playing armchair skeptic, but I decided instead to stuff the lawn clippings in my mouth. It really did look like someone had been chasing...

Does Drinking Kombucha Have any Health Benefits?

15 Aug 2019

Kombucha is a slightly sweet, acidic beverage that is made by adding a mix of bacteria and yeasts to tea. Some animal experiments have suggested improved liver function after the organ is damaged...

A ‘Quorn’ That’s Not on the Cob

9 Aug 2019

Meat alternatives are hot. You have probably heard of the Beyond Meat burger or the Impossible burger but have you heard of “Quorn?” Could be coming your way soon!

Are there health benefits to tart cherry juice?

1 Aug 2019

If you are suffering from headaches, muscle pain or inflammation, you may be interested to hear that tart cherries may function in a fashion similar to drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen. It seems...

Let's Tax Sugary Drinks to Discourage Consumption

26 Jul 2019

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette....


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