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Allergies: A Consequence of a Hygiene-Obsessed Society

20 Mar 2017

As our hygiene and cleanliness improves it seems we become more susceptible to allergies. It's as if our immune system is yearning for action, but having no enemies in the form of infectious agents...

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Sales Clerks and BPA

20 Mar 2017

The thermal printing paper that is commonly used for cash register receipts contains bisphenol A, the chemical that has generated a great deal of controversy because of concerns that it may have an...

"Chaotic seabirds" influenced Alfred Hitchcock

20 Feb 2017

In August 1961, in Capitola and Santa Cruz, California there was an invasion of what people described as “chaotic seabirds.” These birds were believed to be under the influence of domoic acid, a...


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