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Patently False: The Disinformation Over Coronavirus Patents

28 Aug 2020

Since the pandemic started, some public figures with a pronounced distrust of authority have gone on a patent hunt. We have seen Mike Adams, the Plandemic conspiracy film, and a recent French video...

Planting a Toxic Oleander Seed

19 Aug 2020

The oleander plant with its pretty flowers adorns many a garden. But now, thanks to a conversation between millionaire Mike Lindell, CEO of the “MyPillow, Inc.,” and President Trump, the seed of an...

Why is COVID-19 prompting questions about Proposition 65?

19 Aug 2020

The tentacles of COVID-19 reach into every area of life. I’ve been getting a flurry of calls about vacuum cleaners, air filters, and cordless hair clippers. Sales of these items have increased...

(July 30, 2020) "COVID & More" with Carly Weeks

30 Jul 2020

Video of "COVID & More" with The Globe and Mail's Health Reporter Carly Weeks

A Virus for Every Season

24 Jul 2020

We have all heard the claim, passed down the generations, that you catch a cold by being exposed to cold weather. That’s what I used to believe when I was younger. Then I graduated to the...

(July 16, 2020) COVID & More: Conversations with the McGill OSS

17 Jul 2020

Before technical difficulties got the best of us today, the OSSers had a whole lot to talk about. The Spanish Flu and herd immunity, Burger King's new methane-reduced burgers, low-dose radiation...

What Makes a Good Mask? Let's Uncover the Facts

15 Jul 2020

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.


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