Laboratory teaching bibliography

This resource of laboratory teaching examples in the Sciences is compiled from a search of educational databases and disciplinary journals for peer-reviewed articles published in English over the past few years. Forty articles were selected for inclusion based on their disciplinary relevance, pedagogical innovation and evidence of effectiveness. The value of all these examples lies in the ideas they present for reflection and critical discussion. Copies of all articles are available from the Office of Science Education (OSE). This compilation represents a work in progress that we intend adding to in the future. If you know of interesting examples, please contact the OSE Director, Marcy Slapcoff: marcy.slapcoff [at]

To assist in navigation, articles are grouped by discipline: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Geography, Physics and Psychology, and categorized by level: introductory or upper and pedagogical strategy: inquiry or large class. A final section includes examples of training programs for teaching assistants in Science laboratories. We recognize that laboratory teaching varies between departments and institutions. However, particular forms of innovative pedagogical design are often transferable to other contexts. Examples we consider sufficiently detailed in terms of implementation and evaluation to assist in transfer to other courses and disciplines have been labelled 'Transferable'.

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