Considerations for Remote Learning

Take inspiration from the following faculty and staff and their experiences with remote delivery.

Promoting Live Lecture Engagement 

Listen to Prof. Gary Brouhard from Biology share some simple strategies and tools for creating dynamic live lectures that engage students and provide an immersive classroom experience.

Respecting Live Lecture Time Limits

Listen to Prof. Tony Mittermaier, Associate Dean of Student Affairs in the Faculty of Science, discuss the importance of remaining within the allotted lecture time to reduce student stress related to remote coursework. 

Create Opportunities for Students to Ask Questions

Listen to Profs. Pallavi Sirjoosingh from Chemistry and Richard Koestner from Psychology discuss how they adapted their remote courses to allow for synchronous interaction time with their students.

TurningPoint and Zoom Polling

Listen to Profs. Giulia Alberini from Computer Science, Stephanie Weber from Biology, and Ken Ragan from Physics discuss their firsthand experience using TurningPoint and Zoom polling.

Facilitating Student Feedback with Polling 

Listen to Prof. Tamara Western from Biology reflect on how tools such as polling and Zoom chat have changed the amount of feedback she receives from students answering questions during class time. 

Reducing Content to Increase Learning 

Listen to Profs. Jessica Flake from Psychology and Armin Yazdani from Physiology talk about the changes they have made to create space in their courses for meaningful student learning experiences during remote delivery.  

Wellness During Remote Delivery 

Listen to Local Wellness Advisor Mel Cobbler talk about ways for faculty and students to achieve a work-life fit to promote wellbeing and manage stress related to remote delivery. 

Community Care Strategies for Faculty and Students 

Listen to Local Wellness Advisor Mel Cobbler talk about ways to foster a sense of community online, both with students in the classroom as well as among faculty. 

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