Student Funding

There are many opportunities for McGill students to receive funding to support them at different points during their academic career. You will find scholarships and bursaries for future and current undergrads, graduate and post-doc students, and international students. 

There are also funding opportunities for McGill students with Disabilities, which can be found in the following categories: 

Government funding opportunities

Provincial funding opportunities

Province or Territory Department
Quebec (QC) Aide financière aux études, Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur
Ontario (ON) Ontario Student Assistance Program, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
British Columbia (BC) Student Aid BC, Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development
Alberta (AB) Students Finance, Alberta Learning Information Service
Saskatchewan (SK) Student Financial Assistance, Advanced Education, Employment and Labour
Manitoba (MB) Manitoba Student Aid, Advanced Education and Literacy
Newfoundland (NF) Student Aid Division, Department of Education
New Brunswick (NB) Student Financial Services, Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour
Nova Scotia (SC) Student Assistance Office, Department of Education
Prince Edward Island (PE) Student Financial Services, Department of Education
Yukon (YT) Student Financial Assistance, Department of Education
Northwest Territories (NT) Student Financial Assistance Program, Department of Education, Culture and Employment
Nunavut (NU) Financial Assistance for Nunavut Students, Department of Education

Federal funding opportunities

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is a non-refundable tax credit available for persons with disabilities, their supporting family members, and their care givers.

The Severe Permanent Disability Benefit (SPDB) is a benefit that may allow you to cancel your student loans if your disability prevents you from participating in post-secondary studies and the labour force for the rest of your life.

If you have any questions regarding your disability-related government funding or overall government funding, please visit the Government Aid page of the Scholarship and Student Aid Office.

McGill funding opportunities

  • The Meribah Aikens Bursary;
  • The Martha Jane Poulson Memorial Scholarship;
  • The G. Allen Ross Bursary;
  • The Cohen and Manton Bursary.

For specific information regarding these awards, please consult the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards calendar and search the specific name of the award as written above.

All of these awards are need-based. Commencing August 1st of any academic year, as the need arises, student can apply for financial aid through the In-Course financial aid application on Minerva: select the Financial Aid/Awards tab > Financial Aid Menu > Apply for a McGill Entrance Bursary > Apply to Entrance Bursary Program > Complete then submit your application.

To be eligible for awards for students with disabilities, you will need to disclose your disability. You do so by adding a comment about your disability in the ‘comments section’ on the app and/or checking the box declaring a permanent disability.

External funding opportunities

Scholarship Award Amount Eligibility Deadline
SENIORSZEN.COM scholarship One award for $500 Open to all disability categories January 31, 2018
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Program Variable number of awards for $7000 Open eligibility (not disability specific) February 1, 2018
UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Variable number for up to $5000, two awards for $10000  Students with epilepsy, family and caregivers March 5, 2018
Candlelighters Bursary Program Two awards for $1000 Cancer patients and survivors March 31, 2018
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarship Three awards for $1000 Hard of hearing, deafened, or oral deaf March 31, 2018
Sarah Gaulin Memorial Scholarship Variable number of awards for $1000 Students with mental health conditions April 1, 2018
Westminster Theological Seminaty - Mephibosheth Scholarship Variable number of awards for $3500 Students with physical or sensory disability April 15, 2018
Canadian Hemophilia Society (CHS) James Kreppner Memorial Scholarship and Bursary Seven awards for $4000 Hemophilia (factor VIII or IX) or another inherited bleeding disorder; carriers and those who contracted HIV through a blood transfusion April 30, 2018
CN Railway Diversity Scholarship Multiple awards for $3000 Persons with disabilities enrolled in a variety of specific degrees (see link for more information) who are interested in a summer internship at CN April 30, 2018
NEADS National Student Awards Program Two awards for $5000, six awards for $3000, and two awards for $1000 Open to all disability categories April 30, 2018 Scholarship Two awards for $500 Open to all disability categories (GPA 3.0 or higher) May 1, 2018
Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Canada Variable number of awards for up to $1000 Students with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus (must be a member of SBHAC) May 16, 2018
CNIB Post-Secondary Scholarships Multiple awards Blind or partially sighted students May 31, 2018
CNIB Master's Scholarships One award for $12500, one award for $5000 Blind or partially sighted students in Master's programs May 31, 2018
Bank of Canada Scholarship and Work Placement Program Two awards for $4000 Open to all disability categories June 1, 2018
Lime Connect Scholarships (BMO) Variable number of awards for $5000 Open to all disability categories July 1, 2018
Copnick/Hilliard Scholarship Three awards for $500 Students with spinal cord injuries December 31, 2018
Centennial Flame Research Award Variable number of awards for $4500 Open to all disability categories December 31, 2018
William and Dorothy Ferrell Scholarship Two awards for $1000 Students who are legally blind or have a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in their best-corrected eye and/or a visual field of 20 degrees or less TBA
AbbVie IBD Scholarship Ten awards for $5000 Students with Chrohn's disease and/or ulcerative colitis TBA
The Sabrina Shannon Memorial Scholarship Two awards for $1000 Open elegibility (not disability specific) TBA
CNIB Sense Scholarship One award for $500 Students who are blind or are living with vision loss TBA
Mattinson Endowment Fund Scholarship for Disabled Students Four awards for $4000 Open to all disability categories TBA
UCBeyond Scholarship Program Variable number of awards for $5000 Students with inflammatory arthritis TBA
Childhood Cancer Canada Survivor Scholarship One award for $5000, one award for $1500 Students who are suvivors of childhood cancer TBA

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