The OSD Mentor Program Mission

The OSD’s Peer Mentor Program is designed to enrich the university experience of our diverse student body. Our goal is to facilitate access to learning and support the inclusion of students throughout all stages of their university career. The program aims to ease the transition to university life while also supporting students as they build and develop their own networks and skillsets. The OSD Peer Mentor Program empowers students gain new skills and achieve their academic goals. 

Each student "mentee" will be paired with a mentor. We aim to pair mentors and mentees who are from a similar academic background and who share similar extracurricular interests, while also taking into account individual preferences. Mentors and mentees will meet on a continual basis and have the opportunity to talk about: learning skills and strategies, what the campus has to offer, various fields of study, academic interests, connecting with others, and sharing ideas and resources, all while facilitating access and promoting an inclusive university environment. 

Common mentoring topics include:

  1. Identification of academic and career goals
  2. Mentee’s academic experience so far and adjusting to McGill
  3. Faculty services and resources
  4. Specific strategies for test-taking situations, working in labs, and navigating specific environments that pertain to their faculty
  5. Strategies that contribute to the student’s academic performance, especially toward demanding coursework
  6. Time management strategies to be applied in their academics
  7. Strengthening of academic skills that contribute to student success
  8. School-work-life balance


To apply please log in with your McGill ID and password and complete the relevant application form:

* Please note that students applying to be a mentee must be registered with the OSD.

If you have any questions, please email isabella.scurfield [at] (subject: Mentoring%20Question) (Isabella) or call us at 514 398-6009.

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