What is note-sharing?

Some students registered with the OSD experience disability-related barriers that impact their ability to take comprehensive notes while fully engaging in the classroom experience. Note-sharing may be a supplemental academic support included on your individual accommodation plan in order to address those barriers.  

Note-sharing is a peer-based, volunteer note-sharing service that recruits volunteers from your course to upload their notes onto the OSD's note-sharing platform. Note-sharing students are recruited for lectures, but not for labs or tutorials.  

Notes provided through the note-sharing service are meant to be used as a supplemental tool and are complimentary to your own notes. The OSD coordinates, recruits, and manages the note-sharing service, and we conduct random quality control reviews of notes. We do not, however, verify the accuracy or quality of notes for all individual courses.  

As note-sharing is a volunteer-based system, we cannot guarantee our ability to recruit note-sharing students in each course that is requested. The OSD encourages students to use notes taken by OSD note-sharing students in tandem with their own notes, as well as the materials/resources provided by the professor.   

If note-sharing has been included as part of your accommodation plan, it is your responsibility to:  

  • Make a note-sharing request for your courses (each semester) in a timely manner via EZ Notes

  • Once a student has made a request for notes in a particular class in EZ notes, the OSD starts the recruitment process to find a note-sharing student for that course. If this process is done at the beginning of the semester and a note-sharing student is successfully found, you can expect note-sharing to start after the add/drop date has passed; 

  • If you do not see the OSD note-sharing page appear on myCourses after you have registered on EZ Notes and the add/drop date has passed, please contact us at notetaking.osd [at] mcgill.ca

NOTE: If you are a student with a disability classified as a major functional disability by the Quebec government, please contact an OSD Access Services Advisor prior to the start of the semester in order to arrange note-sharing accommodations with the least amount of delay.  

For questions about note-sharing, how to sign up, or troubleshooting, please consult the OSD website:  

If your question is not answered on our website, you can contact the OSD note-sharing coordinator at notetaking.osd [at] mcgill.ca. 

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