Exam Sign-Up Deadline

For FINAL in-person and online EXAMS, the sign-up deadline to receive accommodations is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 5th, 2021


Important forms

Adapted transport authorization

Please use this form to request access to the adapted transport van on campus. Students and staff with permanent mobility impairments have priority for the use of the van so please communicate any schedule flexibility to the van driver.

Adapted transport authorization

Campus1 MTL elevator access

Please use this form to request access to the Campus1 MTL elevator.

Campus1 MTL elevator access form

Exam sign-up – Continuing Studies students only

Please use this form if you are a student in Continuing Studies and would like to write exams with accommodations. A copy of the form must be submitted to John Veli 3-weeks prior to the exam date for quizzes, in-class tests, and mid-terms and 4-weeks prior to the date for final exams.

Continuing studies exam request

Electronic text request

The Office for Students with Disabilities assists students with disabilities in obtaining alternate format materials, often known as “e-text” materials. Materials can include textbooks, coursepacks, journal articles, and other materials present in courses. 


To qualify for alternate format materials,  students must be registered with the OSD and have a documented print-related disability. 

This may include but is not limited to: 

  • Vision impairment
  • Learning Disability/ADHD/ADD
  • Memory-related disability
  • Physical disability 

Obtaining your e-text materials

Receiving alternate format (e-text) can take as long as 2-4 weeks. Students are advised to seek out information regarding course material as soon as possible once registered in classes to allow for appropriate time to acquire materials.

To request materials:

  • Log into McGill MyCourses to access each of your courses' syllabi and find the list of textbook or other course material needed for each class. If your textbook or other course material information is not available through your syllabi, contact your course instructor directly to request his information.
  • Before proceeding, please check to see if your textbooks and course material(s) are available in electronic format (e-book, e-text) from the bookstore (McGill Bookstore), online vendors (ie. Amazon), or for purchase and direct download from the publisher's website.
    • If the e-text is available, buying this may be your quickest and easiest option. Note that when students request alternate format texts through OSD, we then connect with the publisher to request the materials. This can take up to several weeks depending on when publishers respond. As such, we strongly suggest that requests are made through OSD only when the book(s) or course material(s) are not available for purchase or borrowing (McGill Library) in an electronic format. If you are unsure of how to search for your material online, please contact our office (enoch.leung [at] mcgill.ca (Enoch Leung), IT assistant) and we will be more than happy to book an appointment with you to go through the steps.
  • Once you have located your textbook information, and purchased print copies, you can request your books online through our website under 'Electronic Text Request'.
    • Note that there are options under 'Electronic Text Request' for coursepacks and other course materials required to be converted to an alternate format.
  • You must provide our office with copies of your receipts before any electronic materials will be released to you. These may be dropped off in-person or emailed.
    • Copies of receipts are required for books and coursepacks unless books and coursepacks are available for borrowing at the McGill Library and McGill Course Reserves. In cases where you find physical copies for loan at the McGill Library/Course Reserves, please attach a copy of your loan request in lieu of copies of your receipts. Note that requesting alternate format for borrowed materials may become more complicated in terms of copyright laws in providing alternate formats. The quickest and easiest way would be to purchase e-text directly (list of places to purchase e-texts at an affordable price below).
  • Once the 'Electronic Text Request' has been submitted, an IT assistant will be in touch with you if any information in the request is missing. Requests with missing information cannot be processed.
  • Once your textbook/course materials are received at the OSD, you will be notified via e-mail that your materials are available for download. A link and instructions for download will be included in your email message. If you have difficulty during the download process, please contact the office for assistance.

Alternate sources of e-text materials

More and more publishers are making electronic textbooks available for purchase directly. This is often less costly than purchasing print copies, and less time consuming than ordering alternate format.

Places to look for e-texts:

  • McGill Library offers electronic textbooks to borrow and read online
  • McGill Library also has a Course Reserves section where your instructor will place all course materials (e.g., textbooks, journal articles) to borrow and read online
  • Google has scanned searchable electronic materials
  • Gutenberg has materials that were published at least 1000 years ago
  • Amazon.ca has kindle or audible formats
  • HathiTrust offers digitized titles from libraries around the world
  • VitalSource offers affordable e-text materials and has a searchable database of various university texts (available for download for offline access on iPad/Android phones and tablets)
  • Bookshare offers books that are accessible, requires membership

Electronic Text Request Form Submission

Please click the form below to request an electronic version of a text.

Electronic Text Request

Exam sign-up

For all time-based assessments, accommodation requests must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the exam start date. Late requests will only be considered if they meet one of the following two criteria:

  1. Newly registered student to the OSD who has an upcoming exam (7 days notice required)
  2. Students who’s instructor/professor has changed an exam date within the 14 day deadline or announced an exam (instructor/professor verification will be required for approval).

If you fall into one of the two categories, please email exams.osd [at] mcgill.ca. Only students registered with the OSD should use this form.

Exam sign-up

Exam sign-up - UGME students only

Students who are eligible for exam accommodations with the OSD must complete this form a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of the assessment. Late requests will only be considered if they meet one of the following two criteria:

  1. Newly registered student to the OSD who has an upcoming exam (7 days notice required)
  2. Students who’s instructor/professor has changed an exam date within the 14 day deadline or announced an exam (instructor/professor verification will be required for approval).

If you fall into one of these two categories, please email exams.osd [at] mcgill.ca

Only students registered with the OSD should use this form.

Exam sign-up - UGME students only

Fitness Access McGill (FAM)

Please use this form if you like to register for the Fitness Access McGill program.

Fitness Access McGill (FAM)

Mentee application

Please use this form if you would like the OSD to try to find an upper year student in your program to be a mentor. This must be part of your accommodation plan.

Mentee application

Mentor application

Please use this form if you are interested in volunteering to be a mentor to a student in your program. 

Mentor application 

OSD Referral Form

You can provide this form to your medical professional to complete and send to the OSD with details regarding your situation. Please note that the form must be "downloaded in order to be signed electronically"

PDF iconOSD Referral Form

PDF iconOSD Referral Form - French


Parking authorization

Please use this form to request authorization for on-campus parking privileges.

Parking Authorization

Reasonable consideration request

Please use this form to notify your course instructor of your registration with the OSD and to communicate your request for reasonable considerations as indicated on your Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP). This form will only be submitted to your professor if the Reasonable Consideration Requests selected are part of your IAP. You will receive a copy of the Reasonable Consideration Notification within 2-3 business days if the form is completed properly. 

If you previously accessed “Professor Notifications: letter of accommodations,” please read the FAQ questions regarding Reasonable Consideration Requests

Reasonable consideration request

Confirmation of OSD registration

Please use this form if you want to inform your professor that you are registered with the OSD. At McGill, it is not mandatory that you inform your professor of your registration. Please note that this form is purely optional, and that the letter send to your professor does not support any specific accommodation requests. 

Confirmation of OSD registration

Student Records Release Form

Please use this form to request to view your personal documents held by our office. If you are requesting to view your records in person, please use the form titled Student Records Release Form. If you are requesting to view your records virtually, please use the form titled Virtual Student Records Release Form.

PDF iconStudent Records Release Form

PDF icon Virtual Student Records Release Form

Tutoring request

Please use this form to request tutoring coupons.

Tutoring request

Confirmation of Service Form

This form is for students who provide subsidized support services. Please fill it out to confirm the services that you provided. 

Confirmation of Service Form

Accessible Materials Request

This Ministry-funded pilot project concluded at the end of the remote Winter 2021 semester.

Please note that there are existing and new plans in place to support faculty members, course instructors, and staff members to ensure materials are accessible. Please check back for information on our upcoming service (SensusAccess) that will be offered and integrated with MyCourses. Additionally, we will be posting a comprehensive resource document that will guide course instructors, faculty, and staff members to enhance the accessibility of their materials.

For students who require access to accessible course-related materials, please contact our jeffrey.grummett [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Accessible%20Materials%20Request, body: Hi%20Jeff!%0A%0A%3Center%20question%20or%20request%20here%3E) (Access Technologist, Jeffrey Grummet).

We thank you for using our service.

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